About Us

Atha yoga has been running classes in Geelong since 2006.

At Atha Yoga we are consciously aware of guiding each student to work at a level that suits their body. Promoting mindful awareness of the practice to develop strength and flexibility of both body, mind and spirit.

  • St Andrew’s Hall offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with beautiful polished boards and natural lighting.
  • It is central heated for the winter and the high cathedral ceilings with fans keep it cool for the summer months.
  • Enter the studio early before practice to enjoy the stillness ‘that is’.

Pamela Garrity -Director / Teacher

Pamela’s passion for preventative health and the benefits received from her own yoga practice inspired her to study yoga teaching.

My personal journey bought me to yoga.

I was running a family business whilst continuing my nursing career, caring for my family; when eventually “the wheels fell off”. The adrenaline that was keeping me going finally dried up. I was no longer able to pretend that all was OK. My body was exhausted, my mind was in constant chatter and my spirit was depleted.

I was diagnosed with depression, then came the feelings of failure, shame and guilt, ”How could this be, I have always thought I was a reasonably strong person. I have family that love me, a good home, everything that one needs to survive”. Eventually I saw a wonderful psychologist who shone a light on what I needed to do to get well; he helped me to begin to see my own value, he introduced me to meditation and I will be forever grateful.

It was not easy when I first started practicing. Exhausted, I could barely lift my head off the floor to do cobra, but slowly I became both physically and mentally stronger. It was akin to one day light flooded across me and once again I saw the beauty of the world around me. This is the gift of yoga, it can make you whole again, yoking body, mind and spirit.

After several years of practice it was time for me to share what I had grown to love. I am particularly interested in helping people who struggle physically or mentally; or those who think yoga is not within their reach. It is a practice that is suitable for all.

Over the years I have taught people with physical and/or mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities, children, adolescents, prenatal and postnatal.

I have a particular interest in building community, teaching the retired and semi-retired is a joy.

500 hours teaching and Yoga teacher training at the Australian College of Classical Yoga.

Relevant Qualifications

  • Diploma of Classical Yoga 2006
  • Australian College of Classical Yoga www.classicalyoga.com.au
  • Graduate Diploma of Health Administration 1994
  • ACU Australian Catholic University www.acu.edu.au
  • Registered Nurse Division 1 1980 until 2007
  • MPH Mercy Private Hospital East Melbourne

Professional development

  • Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga 2012
  • Bliss Baby Yoga www.anadavis.com
  • Yoga Synergy Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga 2013
  • Yoga Synergy Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) www.yogasynergy.com
  • Yoga Synergy Yoga Therapy & Vinyasa Intensive 2014
  • Yoga Synergy Simon Borg-OlivierMSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy)
  • Vipassana Meditation 10 day Course 2014
  • S.N. Goenka www.aloka.dhamma.org
  • Yoga for Kids and Family Teacher Training 2015
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga www.rainbowkidsyoga.net 

Jodie Kako -Teacher

Jodie Kako is a trained Yoga and Pilates Instructor. She has completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course and a Mat Pilates Level 1 Teacher Training course at Pilates and Yoga Styles in Geelong. She is currently completing her Yin Yoga TT.

Jodie began practising Yoga and Pilates from a young age, but maintained a consistent Yoga practice during her first pregnancy, and a weekly Pilates practice after having her first child.

Jodie finds daily Meditation and breathing crucial to free the mind from stress and anxiety and uses Yoga as medicine for her soul. Yoga gives Jodie a peaceful mind and relaxed body—free from pain, tightness and tension. She believes that the spine needs to move in every direction every day, in order to maintain a supple and healthy body.

During Jodie classes, she will allow you to use your breath as a guide throughout the movement and will remind you to be kind to your body. Her classes are relaxing, yet challenging and she believes that each body is unique as are their life experiences they carry. Recognising that everybody is different each time they step onto the mat is key to furthering your potential in your practice.

Fee Klauser – Teacher

Fee decided to become a teacher when she experienced the immense benefits of a regular yoga practice during her first pregnancy. It prepared her for the birth of her first child in the best possible way. Even though she had been practicing for a number of Years before becoming a mum, she now wanted to share these benefits with others, especially women.

She has been working as a Yoga teacher since 2010 after completing her 500 hours Hatha Yoga diploma, Prenatal Yoga Certificate in Berlin and VIYETT in Melbourne. She is convinced that yoga is good for everyone because it is such a holistic way of life.

Fee is a compassionate, non-judgmental teacher using yoga as a tool to make people feel good by encouraging the alignment of body and mind.

Ruby McKay – Relieving Teacher

Ruby McKay has been a happy addition to Atha Yoga. As well as teaching in Melbourne she has been relieving for Atha Yoga since 2013.

Relevant Qualifications

Yoga Teaching Certificate 2006
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram
Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga 2013
Bliss Baby Yoga www.anadavis.com
Bliss Baby Postnatal Yoga 2012
Bliss Baby Yoga www.anadavis.com
Vipassana Meditation 10 day Course 2011​
S.N. Goenka www.aloka.dhamma.org